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April 20 the presentation of “The Armenian Genocide as reflected in the Georgian press 1914-18” book edition will be held

book_webimage_250On Wednesday, April 20, at the venue of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia (L.Gudiashvili 7/10) the official presentation of “The Armenian Genocide as reflected in the Georgian press 1914-18” book edition will be held.

This compilation contains the archive materials of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, stored at the Georgian press branch – all dealing with the issue of the Armenian Genocide. The materials cover the period from the beginning of 1914 till mid-1918, which allows the reader to trace the sequence of events from January of the pre-war year, prior to Turkey’s entry into war, till May 1918, when the independent republics of the Transcaucasus region were proclaimed.

All materials are arranged chronologically, therefore enabling the reader to encounter the information presented by the Georgian press at the pace of progressive development, containing both news items and pieces of analysis.

The Georgian archive materials were never studied on the matter of the Armenian Genocide, thereby leaving a vast field of information on the issue practically put beyond the attention of the general public.

The main aim of the edition is to familiarize the Georgian reader with the Georgian Parliamentary Library archive materials on the Armenian Genocide. Thus, “The Armenian Genocide as reflected in the Georgian press 1914-18” is presented in a form of the first-hand material compilation, preserving the language and the grammar of the Georgian press of the beginning of XX century.

This edition is aimed at both the narrow circle of scientists (historians, anthropologists, journalists, conflict resolution specialists) and the general reader.

The idea of creating such compilation belongs to the “Armenian Community of Georgia” and the “Armenian Student Association of Georgia”, whilst the Georgian office of the “European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy” is the sponsoring and supporting party. 

Armenian Community of Georgia

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