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Jan 28
BBC Documentary: Armenian Genocide - 'The Betrayed' - part 1/5
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Armenian Genocide
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Armenian Genocide - 60 Minutes [CBS]
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Добавлен: 2011-04-02
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Описание: A reporter from the BBC, Fergal Keane, as well as his Producer, James Miller, engage in a propagandistic sham of a news report, the purpose of which is to affirm the tragic events in WWI Ottoman Turkey as a genocide. They use the most corrupt facts and close their eyes to everything else, outrageously betraying their role as objective journalists. As usual, they totally ignore the vast mass-killing crimes of the Armenians, and any counter-evidence they come across, no matter how impartial or logical, is made sure to be to labeled as denial. It is not the first time a news organization, even a generally careful one as the BBC, has engaged in such a destructive form of prejudice. What they have done would have emerged as less harmful if only their propaganda would have been lost to the airwaves. But of course, the young Armenians of YouTube, so absolutely brainwashed and without the capacity to think independently, are quick to regard anything that deals with their beloved obsession as an affirmation, regardless of the truthfulness of the claims. This BBC production in particular has been repeated some half a dozen times on YouTube. It is time to examine the validity of the claims of "The Betrayed." The examination here is not based upon the shortened versions offered on YouTube, but on the full hour-long program that the BBC has made available on the Internet. No significant claim of the program, as a result, goes unaddressed. And to think the prejudiced reporter, Fergal Keane, has actually won an OBE award "for his services to journalism." True journalism naturally entails collecting all of the information in order to arrive at a factual conclusion. Instead, Mr. Keane has sought out the most propagandistic sources to make his case, including Hitler's fabricated quote, the hearsay of survivor memories, and -- perhaps the most appalling -- pointing to the Ottoman relocation order as though this order would constitute proof of genocide.